Johanna S. Worsham

Musician and Educator

Mrs. Worsham holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, as well as certifications in the Suzuki and Kodaly methods of music pedagogy. She has won numerous music competitions and honors, and her musical training spans string, woodwind, voice, and keyboard instruments. She has performed as a member of the Charlottesville Symphony for three seasons and regularly performs with various chamber ensembles in concerts, weddings, and special events.

Mrs. Worsham also earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, where she studied number theory with Dr. Gary Thompson and researched polytope number sequences with Dr. Michael Jackson. She was chosen to present her senior thesis in number theory at the local chapter of the Mathematics Association of America. She started teaching mathematics in 2012 and has experience teaching mathematics to students in 4th-12th grades.