With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and eight years of teaching experience, Ms. Suffern teaches the young child how to add fractions, the adolescent how to solve equations, and the high schooler how to evaluate integrals.

Personalized academic support for students in the subject areas below includes: setting up students to succeed in their comprehension, test preparation, organization, and study skills.


Algebra I

Algebra II




Ms. Suffern teaches festina lente (make haste slowly), drawing students toward understanding with purpose and rigor, but without the disordered hurry that prevents reflection and synthesis of concepts.

“Ms. Suffern is the best math tutor I have ever had! Without her help, I would not have made it through Algebra II and Pre-calculus. Her enthusiasm and love for the subject are contagious and she makes tough concepts understandable and accessible.”

High School Senior

1 hour – $50

Sessions are held at Immanuel Lutheran Church (2416 Jefferson Park Ave, Charlottesville)